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WY Polymer clay texture sheet | Texture mat for polymer clay | Magical Series | Magical Potion | Texture #89

RM 27.00

For the Halloween custom party usage/magical series with some cute icon in the potion.  


Ala carte

- 6 pcs of different cutters with width 15mm, height depends on the magical graphics that suitable for the potion.

- Texture mat TXT#89 - Ready to roll a clay slab over to get the stamp effects.  


- All in one. (6 pcs cutters + TXT#89)  

Exclude any flower, as flowers are just for decoration purposes. Able to purchase it under silicone flower mould.  

Anything unsure, feel free to text message seller for confirmation before purchasing.  


- Before using in a real project, use it with a test clay to remove possible dust

- Please clean it with brush and soap water before usage.

- Do not over press to create clay sticking in the small gap of the patterns.