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WY Polymer Clay Earrings Embosser stamp | Polymer clay stamps | Embossing | Line #1-#2

RM 17.00

These stamps are specifically made for contemporary polymer clay and soap making. The embossing edge is approximately 0.4mm. Thus is fragile and please handle softly. The embossing section is up to 3mm. 

Size: 45mm x 45mm 

The stamp works on clay slabs of any thickness. I recommend to try the cutters on a scraps slab first do adjust pressure. 

To avoid clay to get trapped in the small edges, place a piece of cling paper between the clay and the stamp if needed. 

Press the stamp firmly but gently and evenly. Don't press too hard as some parts of the stamp are thin in order to obtain a defined embossing and the stamp might brake. 

If you are using a thin slab, don't press too deeply. 

If you are not using cling paper, some clay might get trapped in the small edges. Remove it with a toothpick or a needle and soapy water. *Do not use hot water* 

PLA deform at high-temperature environments so please don't expose the cutters to the sun and don't leave them in high-temperatures. Do not wash in a dish-washer or under very hot water. Do not soak. 

Wash gently under warm water. Use a needles or toothpick to remove any clay stuck in the sharp/small edges.