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Polymer Clay Debossing Stamp | Raised Clay Stamp | Embossing | Clay supplies | Imprint Stamp | Leaves #9-#14

RM 14.00


This version upgraded version in deeper embossed effect compare to previous version. 

These stamps are intended for polymer clay use and they create a raised / embossed effect on the clay (instead of indenting the clay as traditional stamps). This technique allows the designs to be in detailed. 

This listing is for the bunch of flowers design. The material is acrylic. Normally we use transparent acrylic, but occasionally solid colours are used upon availability. 


Condition your clay properly and flatten it slightly higher than the final thickness (recommend 2.75mm and above)you want, as when you will press the stamp, the clay will lose a bit of thickness. 

*Gently stroking a bit of corn flour* on the clay & pattern* is highly recommended in order to make the extraction of the stamp from the clay easier. Remove the excess of corn flour and position the stamp on the clay. 


Roll over the clay with depth band width + roller over the acrylic plate. Pressure of rolling will directly appear on the emboss effect on clay. Peel off the clay slowly. 


Press firmly with the palm of your hand (I tend to put my weight on it, as you would doing with CPR). 

Grab the edges of the stamp and pull up (as straight as you can). Removing the stamp from the clay requires a bit of strength so keep pulling if it doesn't come off immediately. 

Softer clay (but not too soft) seems to work best. Practice & Try on multiple times to get the texture. 


Some clay can get trapped in the small edges. Wash it gently and be careful if you try to use a needle to remove the clay as it could damage the design. Old thin tooth Brush can be also helpful with a bit of soap.   


Flower art: 50mm (length) 

Thickness of acrylic: approx 2.8mm ~ 3mm 








This product is not suitable for children of any age.