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Cookie Cutter | Geometric Series Template | Fondant Cutter | GEO#1

RM 17.00

Cookie cutter and stamp for gingerbred, cookies, fondant, cake...

Variation photos available. Product including cutter upon your preference size only.

For additional decoration, please look at others cutter available in the shop, it's compatible as well for food as we are using PLA food Grade material


You can choose in a option. Standard depth of cookie cutter is 50mm or 60mm for common cookies size, unless needed in specific size, please contact buyer for more information.


Before you start cutting remember to coat the cutter with icing sugar or flour

Color: white, beige, etc upon availability. Material

PLA - food safe bio PLA plastic. PLA is made from starch rich plants as corn, wheat and sugar beets.


Hand wash only in soapy water. No dishwasher!

Made in Malaysia under WY Pristine's studio. Others design and customisation, please draft ahead with sizes to communication with maker in order to smoothen the path of designs. ;) Happy Making arts!